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New Year for a new start.

2012-12-31 19:27:19 by MrAmature

Yeah, didn't get any kind of flash out before the end of the year. Hopefully by the beginning of next year (or tomorrow), I'll have gotten my motivational spark back and I'll be getting some projects done. That may sound like an empty promise, but I do intend to snap myself out of my creativity slump.

Speaking of which, I do have something to resume working on...

New Year for a new start.

Three 25's in one year.

2012-10-25 21:08:21 by MrAmature

Today marks my 25th birthday, but the year marks the 25th celebration for not only my birthday, but also two of my favorite series of games. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the "The Legend of Zelda" series and the "Final Fantasy" series. High 25's all 'round!

(Keep in mind that the date for the game series' started sometime last year, or somewhere along that line. I don't remember/know the exact dates.)

Anyways, if I don't get too far behind in my planning, I'll have some kind of flash out before the end of the year, hopefully more, but we'll see.

Now then, to work on those projects!

So much for what I said...

2012-08-27 16:48:53 by MrAmature

Although I said I'd have some flash started by the beginning of the year, I, obviously, didn't hold myself up to that too well. As noted by the release of MLS: Therapy, I lost the motivation to work on any flash. It was also my first attempt at voice acting as well, despite how "good" that was. Right now, I'm getting myself back into college and make a change or two in my life (which is one reason why I haven't done any flash recently, the other being I got outright lazy...). Provided I get my motivation spark back, I'll try to get myself back into the flash making process sometime soon. Maybe if I think to do so, I'll work on my voice acting skill (if there's any).

Anyway, we'll see what happens between now and the end of the year.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

2011-12-24 20:21:02 by MrAmature

Although I don't have anything else flash related coming before the end of the year, I promise to get things started by the beginning of next year. With nothing else to say, here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So now...

2011-08-16 00:16:39 by MrAmature

After avoiding it for a long time, I finally made a Facebook account. (Yay, MrAmature made a Facebook account. Wohoo.) If you do care in some way, head on over there and look (not that there's much to see...).

As far as the name goes, "James" seemed to roll off the tounge with "Amature" the best, no offense to any of you actually named James.

Otherwise, I'm progressing on my attempted entry into the upcoming Pikmin collab hosted by Eastbeast.

Now then, back to work on that entry....

So now...

After quite a while...

2011-07-02 01:27:12 by MrAmature

I present to you a flash movie. One that was hand drawn. Go watch it:

Sorry for making it seem rushed at parts. I was trying to get all to fit within one minutes length of time.

Due to the fact that I can't make a flash movie in time for it, I, again, won't have anything for Robot Day. (Please don't feed me to the metal overlords.) Instead, I'll be working on the next episode of my little series called "Minute Long Skits", with each episode being literally one minute long (some might be longer or shorter).

Anyways, what do you think of this one?

Now that I'm back on my animating feet...

2011-05-09 18:09:53 by MrAmature

It's been too long since I've either said anything here, or submitted an animation. Well, that's going to change, starting today (like most of you care). For the most part, I've been training myelf to create hand-drawn animations with my tablet, with plenty of trials and errors. This is an example of my current skill so far in the form of a late Mother's Day gift for my mom. As you can see, if you looked, my skill so far may need a bit of polishing, but, hey, you don't learn through words when drawing. Anyways, I'm currently working on my next flash (which was hand-drawn) as I type this. I'll probably get it out by at least late May/early June. Look forward to it.

Update: Due to technical problems, I'm currently working on two other projects. They WILL be done by June 30 and before Robot Day, respectively.

Now that I'm back on my animating feet...

What have I been doing all this time?

2010-09-29 03:46:44 by MrAmature

It's been too long since I did anything here. I gotta get at least one of my flash ideas done. So far, I've accumulated about 5-6 ideas currently in progress, including one all about MrAmature (as a character) that I might just make into a series of sorts.

Well, here's what I've got planned so far (in no particular order, of course):

-Final Fantasy IV: Kain's "Meteor"-
Progress: ~39% (A little over 1/4.)
>Title has been changed
>Now in progress.

-Chrono Trigger: Gender-confused-
Progress: 0.5% (Not even started.)
>Just gotta get a couple more resources

-Luxury Lotion Ad-
Progress: 75% (Almost there.)
>All I need to do is animate it and voice it (you read that right)

-Secret Project 1-
Progress: 0% (Not even started.)
>Still a work in progress.

-Secret Project 2-
Progress: 0% (Not even started.)
>Still a work in progress.

-Where Am I?-
Progress: TBA (Self explanatory.)
>That's the official title
>The whole thing is on hold until everything else I'm working on is done

So, that's what I'm up to now. Now, I just need to hold off on Final Fantasy XIV for awhile to do all of this.



What to say, what to say...

2010-07-08 03:42:37 by MrAmature

So, now that I have a tablet, I think I'm gonna try my hand at hand drawn animation (no pun intended). It's almost been too long since the last time I drew anything, so we'll see what happens. I mentioned before that I wasn't going to on here often thanks in part to the amount of business I've been getting at work. I've actually been getting on every now and then before and after work, just to check on everything on my account. For those of you who don't remember, don't know, or don't care, I work at a golf course resort resturant as a dishwasher (whoo hoo).

By the way, what's up with "'On My Mind' SMV"? It has the least amount of views and reviews, yet it's my current highest scoring flash? Really?

What to say, what to say...

Where to start...

2010-06-01 04:55:13 by MrAmature

Well, I've got good news, bad news (for me), and miscellany.

The Good News:

+I've got my driver's license a few weeks back.

+I got myself a Wacom tablet. Wacom Intuos 4 Medium, by the way.

+Business started picking up at work, so that's more money in my pocket.

The Bad News:

-Because business started picking up at work, I won't be on here often.

-I still haven't got a vehicle of my own yet.

The Miscellany:

*New flash video out:

*A little joke I made up one day:
Q: What do you call the offspring of a jukebox and a computer?
A: A stereotype.

What will I do next?